Ten Minute Tutorial

Smoothie Charts is a simple library for displaying smooth live time lines. This tutorial will get you up and running in 10 minutes...

1. Include smoothie.js

Copy smoothie.js to your project and include it:

<script type="text/javascript" src="smoothie.js"></script>

2. Create a <canvas>

<canvas id="mycanvas" width="400" height="100"></canvas>

3. Stream a SmoothieChart to the Canvas

Use the default settings for now. These can be tweaked later.

var smoothie = new SmoothieChart();

4. Add some data

Each line requires a TimeSeries object.

For this example, we'll create two TimeSeries objects and append random data to them every second.

// Data
var line1 = new TimeSeries();
var line2 = new TimeSeries();

// Add a random value to each line every second
setInterval(function() {
  line1.append(Date.now(), Math.random());
  line2.append(Date.now(), Math.random());
}, 1000);

// Add to SmoothieChart

In reality, you'd probably want to get data from a WebSocket, rather than random generator.

Important notes:

5. Add some delay

The above chart shows an issue... we cannot plot a line until the next data point is known. To get around this, we add a delay to the chart, so upcoming values are known before we need to plot the line.

This makes the chart look like a continual stream rather than very jumpy on the right hand side.

To add the delay, we modify the SmoothieChart.streamTo() call to include the delay.

 smoothie.streamTo(document.getElementById("mycanvas"), 1000 /*delay*/); 

That's much easier on the eye.

6. Splash of color

The API provides a few hooks for tweaking the style of the lines and the grid.

var smoothie = new SmoothieChart({
  grid: { strokeStyle:'rgb(125, 0, 0)', fillStyle:'rgb(60, 0, 0)',
          lineWidth: 1, millisPerLine: 250, verticalSections: 6, },
  labels: { fillStyle:'rgb(60, 0, 0)' }
  { strokeStyle:'rgb(0, 255, 0)', fillStyle:'rgba(0, 255, 0, 0.4)', lineWidth:3 });
  { strokeStyle:'rgb(255, 0, 255)', fillStyle:'rgba(255, 0, 255, 0.3)', lineWidth:3 });

That's it.

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